About us

GHSAG was founded on 01.06.2014

The idea at the time:
As non-profit association bringing Ghanaians and non-Ghanaians together – be able to help one another in time of financial difficulties and any sort of needs –
GH Support Association is a non-governmental organization with its headquarters in Saarbruecken- Germany.
GHSAG is the abbreviated name of the Association, It also has an office in Obuasi, Ghana.
Our aim is to represent members and respond to consultation in areas of legal protection, financial protection, education and training, international regulation, equality and diversity, and issues of relevance etc.


Our mission is to serve as a forum where Ghanaians living abroad express their views and concerns about circumstances that affects them in Germany.
GHSAG is stepping up its game, beyond thinking and commenting on issues in Germany, this organization is taking steps to make returning home, a comfortable experience for its members. If a member wish for.


GHSAG will always act as an interest group ( seeking the interest of its members )
and as a pressure group ( seeking to influence government decisions )


Our vision is a better Living standard in Germany with all the major features of a developed society in which all Ghanaians and non- Ghanaians will feel at home.
For an example:
GHSAG has plans for the nearest future to Purchase an Airport Schulte Bus for its Members.
GHSAG steps in to help address the problem by prevailing on those in Germany who have the capacity to make the necessary changes,
the following popular Akan proverb clearly explains this;
Se woankasawotiri ho a, ye yiwoayi bone, which literally means “ if you don’t comment on the way your barber shave your hair, you will be given a bad haircut.
Ghanaians living in Germany have equal stake in the welfare system here. In fact, we have more to lose if divided into small groups.
Many of us came here with the intention to gain exposure, to gain opportunities, so that we can help our families back home and the development of our nation.
Indeed we have been doing that. We take care of our families in Ghana, we sponsor their education, we build houses to reduce accommodation problems, and we set up businesses to give employment so that people can earn their daily bread, and so on.
In spite of our huge contribution to the well-being of our dear country Ghana, we do not have a say in decision making in Ghana and Germany, decisions that affect our welfare when we go to Ghana, decisions that affect the lives of our families back home, “why?,, Because we do not have any one to speak on our behalf, that’s why, GHSAG has come, to speak for you and work for your interest. With the motto, GH Support Assocaition Germany e.V.: „GHSAG, Ekouba, – We defend your right!“.


GHSAG offers you the opportunity to become a member of this big family of Ghanaians & non – Ghanaian in the world.
You are no longer going to be stranded when you receive unexpected letters from any of the Germany offices, like Jobcenter, Foreigner Authority, Inkasso Companies, etc. So…..be a member today! It’s worth it!
– Dated 20th. December 2014 –