GHSAG Translation Office

German, English, Twi & GA.
What linguists / inside is needed?

In the relationship between migrants and institutions, there are always problems if knowledge of German customers (still) are not sufficient. By language barrier, happens quite often which leads to misunderstandings.
The curriculum has an Immigration and Integration Office (IIO) in Saarbruecken and the Interpreters Institute at the University of Saarland ( Prof. Dr. Steiner ) developed in cooperation with the LAP FITT GmbH.

Where linguists / interior examples Can be used:

  • In the authorities’ Communication

  • At consultations

  • in the social area

  • in the healthcare system

  • in Community

  • For parents talks

  • In day nurseries

  • and school


Many institutions, advisory bodies and authorities are not yet geared up to use specifically trained interpreters / inside so that communication runs smoothly.
For facilities that want to get on that path, the first language mediators / inside offer their services in Saarbruecken and surroundings & Dortmund – western Germany.
The indicative amount for the interpreter fees is 55, – euros per hour, however, it is also dependent on the requirements of the order. The value interpreter for all GHSAG Members across the globe is free of charge.