Projects & Actions

GHSAG is the first Association in Germany filed demonstration against the Ghana Embassy Berlin –

The reason was the increased of the Ghanaian Renunciation fees and other fees from Parliament of Ghana from 2nd September, 2013, fees of 200,- to 400,-Euro
after serving letters and calls of Petition from 2014 till September 2015 – without success.

September 2015 GHSAG filed Demo against the Mission.

Middle of March 2016 GHSAG received a letter from the Mission for a Meeting.

On the 8th. April, 2016 in Berlin – GHSAG with UGAG & NEC with all the other Associations in Germany met H.E. Akua Sena Dansua, Ghana Ambassador to Germany at the Mission with her team. The meeting took six hours – with peacefully result –
We finally achieved our goal as the Mission reduced the Renunciation fees of
400-, again to 200-, Euros from 1st. June, 2016 –
GHSAG cancelled the demonstration against the Mission.
We thank God for His Mercy on us all.

26.11.2016 Participated in the national day of action within the project SAMO.fa in Saarbücken

23.12.2016 GHSAG-Chrismas-Party in Haus Afrika – Time 20:00 – 03:00 O‘clock

GHSAG Street Children in Ghana Christmas Party 26th- Dec to 2nd. Jan 2017

Donation Account

IBAN: DE97 5905 0101 0067 0957 94
Sparkasse Saarbrücken
ID – GH Charity Support / Name & City

loneliness in the society.

We started this project March 2016 – as we go out every week for visitation – we also support non-Members in difficult moments in Cash.
Help us from 2,- Euro a month to increase our dream of making people happy.
GHSAG, we defend your right!

GHSAG Donated List –from 2014 – 2016

2014- 50,00 Euro All Churches -SBR first Half Night Prayers.

2015 -100,00 EuroAuntie Boateman -Burial in Bremen

2016 –

  • 100,00 Euro -Bonapart’s Funeral -SBR
  • 100,00 Euro -Auntie Efii’s Funeral -SBR
  • 100,00 Euro -Maama B’s Funeral in Hamburg
  • 100,00 Euro -Bro. J. Simpson for Smart Phone
  • 300,00 Euro -Mama Effe & Radiolivin’ -Marriage Programm
  • 200,00 Euro -Inauguration of Asanteman in Strasbourg/France
  • 100,00 Euro -10th. Anniversary of Asanteman –Düsseldorf
  • 100,00 Euro Geoffery’s Burial in Uganda